I can’t be the only one who hates this holiday season. I don’t hate all of it. Just parts of it. I see a person so happy and cheerful, bouncing through life and I want to punch them in the face and steal their milk money. Peace on earth. Right. How can I find this […]

Sometimes I have so much on my heart I have no idea where to begin.  It’s like thoughts and dreams and emotion all spewing out of me in some modge podge of…well, it’s something like tongues…lots of languages all flowing forth at the same time.  No one can understand all of that, not even me. […]

I hate knowing that people don’t like me.  Especially if they are very kind to my face but they stir up trouble behind my back.  At one point I remember hating myself for being a gossip.  I tried to bite my tongue about people.  I really did.  But I just couldn’t shake the habit.  For […]

Why is it so easy for some people to get so easily hurt and offended?  Why is it so easy for some people to stay down for so long once they’ve been pushed down?  Why do some people feel pushed down at a light breeze? I have no idea.  I can tell you that I…am […]

There really is nothing that we are entitled to.  Anything we have it is either because we earned it or because it was a gift.  Entitlement thinking is recipe for lifelong dissatisfaction.  But if we assume that we must earn something, we can appreciate the fruits of our labor.  When we are gifted something we […]

Why is it that we constantly second guess ourselves?  I’m not as pretty, talented or able as that person…I’m ugly.  I’m stupid.  I don’t have a tight enough body…Nobody would actually like me let alone look at me or even care. These are the lies we tell ourselves, right? I know nobody is perfect.  I really don’t […]

So I’ve been onto this blog idea for a while now.  It’s not so much that I want people to read or even care about what is going on my life.  Everybody has something to share and even though I know that my life is nothing out of the ordinary, I feel like it needs […]

I am broke and life is funny.  It’s that simple.  Did I say poor?  No, because I’m not poor, just broke.  And yes, things are kind of funny in life when they’re not going the way you thought they would/should.  Welcome to full and possibly embarrassing exposure on the world of broke comedy.